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06:05am 16/10/2005
  so apparently gills dead

he was a pretty big douche and i never really liked him

but dang, that sucks =[


02:42pm 29/09/2005
  So, i'm free all weekend, and I really would like to hang out with some of the friends I havent seen in awhile.

Leave a message or something if you feel like doing anything

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05:47pm 25/09/2005
  is it pathetic to sit on AIM all day waiting for anyone to IM you?

i think so

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11:37am 25/09/2005
  so i need a girl to like

any takers?

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04:16pm 16/08/2005
  i do not understand at all

why would you do this?

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12:12am 25/06/2005



gonna tell me i can't fucking hang out with my own fucking girlfriend at her own fucking house cause olivias pussybitch boyfriend was to fucking scared. fucking faggot.

we shoulda just beat the fuck out of those stupid nerd faggots right in the middle of Jennies room.

fucking ruining my night with your bullshit


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09:18pm 13/06/2005
mood: sad

If it wasnt for Tiffany, Family, and my Friends, my life would be absolutely worthless...

I need to hurry up and get a job so I can stop leeching off of everyone
Stop taking all the hand-outs...

Hah. I've been saying I need to get a job for a lifetime now, and I know i'm still hardly going to look for a job anyway...

Damn Me.

I don't have any reason to be even a little bit sad really... I have great friends, family, a great relationship. No responsiblities. Love.

Damn Me.

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10:29pm 12/05/2005
  Jesus Christ.

It's almost Tiff's birthday and I still don't have a fucking job. I'm worthless.

Kill me now.

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12:15pm 15/04/2005
  i love tiffany.

tiffany a. frantz that is.

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04:28pm 15/03/2005
  so i need a reg's dealer.

tims wayyyyyy to slow

ive been waiting for a bag for like 3 hours now.


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12:44am 14/03/2005
mood: scared
i do not know what is ahead...

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06:23pm 13/03/2005

When i'm King you'll be the first to fall.













"...I'll hide you in my walls. Your body will never be found. I'll wear your skin as a suit, pretend to be you. Your friends will like you more then they used too..."







11:14am 11/03/2005
  anyone who actually reads my lj
post in this thread plz.
im gonna be delete lj stuff later..


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03:18pm 26/02/2005
  </3 i am alone  

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09:36pm 21/02/2005

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05:19pm 15/02/2005




03:41am 31/01/2005
  jeez. im like, the worst boyfriend ever.

thank god tiffany is the best girlfriend ever.


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03:42am 30/01/2005

so the worst part of loving someone
is that you can't ever fall asleep.

because your heart is beating way to fast in anticipation.

yeah. so life is good. except that i'm going to get kicked out of my house if i dont get a job soon.

but yeah. i can deal with that.

but i can't deal with not being with you. these long long nights are worse then a million years of solitude.
as long as it was solitude without love.

of course.

where do we all belong?

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09:57pm 09/01/2005
  my livejournal is far superior to your livejournal. unless of course, you want to declare LIVEJOURNAL WAR  

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12:39pm 30/12/2004
  the armless
wonder of the 21st century

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